Watch Pizza Hut Employees Get Baked As They Take Bong Rips At Work

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It was New Year’s Eve night and these Pizza Hut employees had to work, but they had their own NYE celebration, by hitting a bong. These cooks get stoned at a Pizza Hut in Cypress, California, but made the unfortunate decision to make a video of them getting baked in the kitchen. That being said, this is probably the friendliest Pizza Hut in the entire world.

If you take the whole “Getting high at work is not a responsible thing to do” aspect out of the equation, how perfect is this situation? You get stoned at a place where you have easy access to crispy, salty pizza at your every beckoning desire. And you get paid to get high! However, they probably should have not so happily been featured in a video of them smoking weed at work.

That’s not oregano in your pizza.

While some people will bitch that these employees are getting high at work, I’m more offended of how weakly they hit the bong.

This footage does kind of argue against fast food workers demanding a wage of $15 an hour.

I’ll take food employees smoking weed over workers spitting in my burrito or making a vagina out of the pizza dough and fucking it any and every day.