I’m SHOCKED This Hilarious Pizza Rat Prank In The NYC Subways Didn’t End With Some Chick Falling Onto The Tracks

by 5 years ago

I think it’s safe to say that after this NYC Pizza Rat Prank we can finally put this whole ‘pizza rat‘ saga to bed. News of the Pizza Rat was fun while it lasted, but we moved on weeks ago…until now. I genuinely thought I was done with clicking/watching/liking/sharing anything related to the Pizza Rat, then I came across this glorious prank video. There’s nothing more terrifying than a dog-sized-rat charging you on a subway platform, and the people behind this prank put that theory to test.

If you’ve lived in NYC (and take the subway) longer than a month then chances are you’ve had some sort of close brush with a rat big enough to haunt your dreams. Some people say we’re in the midst of a rat epidemic, and the Pizza Rat isn’t doing the city any favors. I actually think the rat epidemic has nothing on the homeless epidemic, because I see one rat on my street for every 3 or 4 pop-up tents occupied by homeless people (this is in SoHo btw), but it’s not really fair to compare one epidemic to the other.

Anyways, as for this prank, I’m SHOCKED that nobody lost their footing and busted ass. People PANIC when they see massive rats charging towards them on the subway, and the New Yorkers in this video handled it all remarkably well.

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