Technology Finally Lets You Play ‘Super Mario 64’ On Your Browser, So About Those TPS Reports Due…

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My childhood: Manhunt, trolling through the bra and panty section of my mom’s Macy’s catalog, and owning fools in Super Mario.

I’m a bit old for manhunt, but I still fucks with the other two.

And thanks to Unity developer Royston Ross who has created a browser version of Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario 64’ FOR FREE, our employers have no choice but to fire us all.

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Roystan Ross

Royston says that the game is an exact replica of the 1996 version, with the exception of the red coins, the Wing Cap or the big Bob-omb (WHO NEEDS ‘EM!). These features will be replaced with giant springs and coin blocks.

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Roystan Ross

Here’s the link to Royston Ross’ project site so you can pick your childhood up right where you left off.

[H/T Unilad]

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