Remember That Super Cute Video Of The Polar Bear Petting The Dog? Well, The Bear Mauled It To Death After

So the internet muttered a collective ‘Awwww’ the other day when a heartwarming video of a polar bear gently petting a dog in Churchill, Canada went super viral. It even warmed my heart and my heart has been hardened and blackened for years. Publications were deeming the bear a “gentle giant” and using the incident as an example of how all animals are capable of love. Welp, that dog is dead. The touching scene was just a facade, as the bear was simply toying with it’s prey. It ate the poor pooch just seconds after the video was shot.

Via Metro,

Authorities in Canada confirmed today that three polar bears were removed from the area surrounding the dog sanctuary and after one of them killed the canine.

Reports say the dog, which was owned by Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary’s Charlie Ladoon, was chained up during the attack.

The dog sanctuary owner who said he usually feeds the bears to keep them away from his dogs, told CBC the attack occurred on a day feeding didn’t take place.

Brian Ladoon of Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary expressed how a blunder on his part ended up dooming the pooch.

“That was the only day we didn’t feed the fucking bears, the only night we didn’t put anything out,” he said.

So there you have it, bros. Nothing is sacred. We all die alone. Or in the unforgiving jaws of a fucking polar bear.

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