Political Expert Goes On MSNBC And Immediately Delves Into Trump Supporters’ Jerk Off Habits

“The fact of the matter is, most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.”

Let’s give it up for GOP strategist and political connoisseur Rick Wilson​ for planting the visual of a fat, childless loser waxing his kielbasa in his damp basement in our heads. I’m not sure there is a direct correlation between the type of porn one watches to their political affiliation, but if that’s the case, big Ben Carson fan.

In this circus that is the U.S. political arena, I don’t know why I’m surprised by this. I should be bulletproof at this point. Anything short of Rick Wilson whipping out his sausage on national TV and helicoptering it while ‘You Spin Me Round’ blares in the background is simply a non-story in 2016.

Check out the different reactions after my man Rick here dropped an anime porn bomb on live television.


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