There’s A Ginormus Cloud Of Ass Gas Charging Toward The Milky Way, Which Will Collide And Form Two Million Stars



Take one last look at the Milky Way, Bros, because it’s about to change forever.

The Smith Gas Cloud, which was ejected from the Milky Way some 70 million years ago, is now storming back at us, charging into our home galaxy at almost 200 miles per second. Oh and it REEKS.

Here it is, lingering on the outskirts of The Milky Way, looking like the nefarious blob of poo stink it is.


Hubble Space Telescope

Although astronomers were aware of the Smith Cloud for some time, they only recently were able to analyze its contents using the Hubble Telescope. What they found was basically your butt.

It is apparently full of sulfur, which means it must smell lovely. More scientifically, that means it was originally from the Milky Way, as opposed to appearing from deep space.

The cloud is expected to re-enter the Milky Way in about 30 million years, a short time on a galactic scale, although you’ll hopefully be dead. When it does, the nearly 10,000 light year long shit cloud will arrive with enough material to form two million new stars.

Here’s its path storming back to us.


No one knows why it was pooted out of the Milky Way way back when, but if you want to believe it’s an intergalactic lingering fart, that’s as good an explanation in my book as any astronomer will give you.

[Via The Independent]