The Pop-Tart Donut Is Something I Wish I Didn’t Know Existed

Pop Tart Donuts

Donut Bar

This is a drawback to the job (prepare for a long waaaaaa) but sometimes information passes my screen and I think “well I wish I didn’t know about that” but it’s usually some awful news story and I’m able to block it out.

I can’t block out Pop-Tart donuts. I know they exist. I know they’re available for consumption. Luckily, I also know they’re only available at the Donut Bar in San Diego (for now) and I’m miles from San Diego and don’t plan on going there any time soon.

I’m sure these donuts will be available near me soon, then in my mouth, then making me cry after my insides turn to frosting.

I’m just going to stop reading. The less I know, the better.

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