GRAPHIC: Pregnant Shark Brutally Attacks Diver In Aquarium And He’s Lucky To Escape With His Arm

The moment a diver was violently attacked by a pregnant shark in an aquarium in South Africa was caught on camera, and its horrifying.

This intrepid diver braved the shark-infested waters of this aquarium to tend to a ragged tooth shark that was heavily pregnant. That was a severely poor decision. The ragged tooth shark, also known as the sand tiger shark or the grey nurse shark, took offense when the human came close and suddenly spun around, sunk its sharp teeth into the man’s arm, and painfully thrashed around with the man’s arm still clenched in the shark’s jaw.

The diver finally got away and had to be pulled out of the water and the aquarium turned red from blood pouring out of several deep wounds.

He has since made a full recovery.

It’s not a good idea to mess with a 124-pound female human when they are pregnant, so it’s definitely not a super idea to fuck with a huge pregnant shark with a mouth full of razors.

You can watch the censored version of the video below or the uncensored, very graphic and very bloody version here.

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