Couple Of Prom-Going Teens Have A Tough Ride After Their Limo Bursts Into Flames

I’ve always been told that, as you get older, there are only two unavoidable things in life: Death and taxes. As a recent college graduate, I’d like to make an amendment on that concerning high school. In high school, there are two unavoidable things: Prom and someone in your school trying to make it as a rapper. Which is literally the only explanation I can come up with as to why a limousine full of high-schoolers suddenly burst into flames while en route to prom.

Via Daily Mail:

The 10 teens in Natick had only just been picked up by their rented white stretch limo when it suddenly burst into flames.

Yasir Sati, the limo’s driver, knew something was wrong when he saw smoke coming between the dashboard and windshield. 

100% some kid’s mixtape melted into the CD deck.

‘I tried to figure it out, and then the smoke started to come quick,’ he told WCVB

‘I pulled over and just told everyone to get out.’  The teens immediately left the limo, which was swallowed up in flames only moments later. 

‘It started to get really big, and it looked like it was going to explode,’ Natick High School student Alexander Goudsmit told CBS Boston.  Sati tried to put out the fire with his suit jacket as the teens left the car. Firefighters were then able to extinguish the flames. 

They had to re-extinguish a blaze three hours later when the flames re-ignited after the limo was taken to a tow lot. The Natick Police joked on their Twitter account that the car ‘might be evil’. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

I’m not sure where Natick, Massachusetts finds their police officers, but they should give me a job. The problem isn’t some devil car, it’s some dude’s fuego mixtape. The question is less “what” and more “who”. My money’s on the driver, Yasir Sati, peddling those flames from the driver’s seat. Best way to get your music on the radio is to forgo the radio and just stick the CD in yourself. Especially when you have a captive audience like a limo driver does. No one’s going to listen to your Biggie covers unless you make them. Plus, it helps Sati here not quit his day job. There’s no harder choice than when you have to decide whether to actually make a weekly paycheck or build that home studio out of egg cartons to record some dope-ass beats. Sati wouldn’t be able to show the world how ill his tracks are if he doesn’t have the limo service to use as a launching pad. So keep grinding, Sati, and next time, maybe start them out slow and build up to the car-burning flames.