Extremely Rare Blue Lobster (1-In-2 Million) Caught Off Cape Cod Looks Like It Was Dipped In Neon Highlighter

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Rare Blue Lobster

Courtesy Jan Nickerson / Wayne Nickerson

Wayne Nickerson is a lifelong fisherman from Plymouth, Massachusetts, and in his 35 years of catching lobster in The Northeast he’s only caught one other lobster like this. All up and down the Northeastern seaboard you see restaurants, bars, and shops paying homage to the legendary ‘blue lobster’. In the wild, these lobsters only occur 1 in every 2 million, and even when they are found (two were caught in Nova Scotia back in May) they are rarely if ever this vivid.

I’ve been on the LOBSTER beat here at BroBible for several years now, which you can see if you click that link, but until today I’ve never seen a blue lobster as brightly colored as the one caught by Wayne Nickerson:

Blue Lobster

Courtesy Jan Nickerson / Wayne Nickerson

Blue Lobster

Courtesy Jan Nickerson / Wayne Nickerson

This exceedingly rare blue lobster has been aptly named ‘Blue’, and he’ll calling the local aquarium home for the foreseeable future as the Nickersons want to share this rare lobster with the world instead of selling him off at auction.

via ABC News:

Wayne Nickerson, a commercial lobsterman for the past 35 years in Plymouth, Massachusetts, was behind the wheel of his boat, F/V Windsong, when he spotted the lobster in a wire trap.
He immediately called his wife, Jan Nickerson, and told her to meet him at the dock.
“He let out a loud exclamation of excitement,” Jan told ABC News. “He was very clear about how excited he was.”
The 2-pound lobster, whom Jan immediately named Bleu, was only the second rare blue crustacean Nickerson has caught in his career. The first time was in 1990, according to Jan.

While the mystical ‘blue lobster’ is one of the rarest lobster types in the world I still think that my favorite will always be the split-color lobster which is even more, occurring in the wild at just 1-in-50 million (blue lobsters are 1-in-2 million):

Yoon S. Byun/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

The last one of these split-color orange-brown lobsters was caught in early July of last year in Maine. And just as I did when I blogged about that orange-brown lobster I’ll now share my favorite lobster roll recipe with you bros:

Luke’s Lobster Lobster Roll Recipe:

( Serves 4 )
5 pound live Maine lobster (yields 1 lb. of lobster meat)
4 whole Top-split New England-style hot dog buns
2 tablespoon mayonnaise
1/2 pound butter (unsalted)
1 whole lemon
3 pinch celery salt
3 pinch oregano
3 pinch black pepper

Step 1: Steam the 5 pounds of lobster for 10-12 minutes, then pick lobster meat (should yield 1 pound of lobster meat).
Step 2: Use top-split New England-style hot dog buns — butter sides of 4 rolls and grill until golden brown.
Step 3: Line inside of hot dog bun with some mayonnaise.
Step 4: Add 1/4 pound of prepared lobster meat, then drizzle a little melted butter on top of lobster.
Step 5: Sprinkle a pinch of celery salt, pinch of oregano, and pinch of black pepper on top of lobster.
Squeeze a little fresh lemon over the lobster roll. Serve.

You can eat lobster year-round but you’re running out of time to enjoy a lobster roll at the beach on a hot Summer day, so do the right thing and follow that recipe above!

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(h/t NYDN via ABC News)

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