Two Of The Rarest Lobster Types On The Planet Were Caught This Past Weekend Within Miles Of Each Other

The ‘blue lobster’ is one of the rarest crustaceans on the planet. It’s estimate that only 1 in every 2 to 5 MILLION lobsters is a ‘blue lobster’. Also, fun fact: blue lobsters are the most bro of all lobsters because the blue color is caused by a genetic defect that produces an extreme excess of protein (frankly, I think we should start calling the blue lobster the ‘brotein lobster’ but that’s just me). Well, odds bed damned, last weekend not one but TWO blue lobsters were caught by fishermen in Nova Scotia.

via CTV News:

A pair of fishermen have beaten odds of oceanic proportions after two extremely rare blue lobsters were caught off the coast of Nova Scotia over the long weekend.
Fisherman Blaine Marsh nabbed the first brightly coloured crustacean, which was given the name “Blueberry” by his granddaughter, on Friday near the Cape Breton fishing community of Alder Point. It was released Sunday.
“It’s a good luck sign for the fisherman,” Marsh’s wife Mary Marsh told CTV Atlantic. “I hope the fisherman have a good season this lobster season.”
On Monday, fisherman Scott MacKinnon pulled another blue lobster from Low Point, N.S., about 150 kilometres southwest from the first catch.
The odds of catching a blue lobster are pegged at about one in two million. The lobster’s bright blue colour is attributed to a genetic mutation that causes the crustacean to produce higher levels of a certain protein.
Because of the vast distance between the two catches and the difference in the lobsters’ sizes, MacKinnon says they can’t possibly be the same crustacean.
No, because their lobster was undersized and ours was a pound and a half,” MacKinnon told
MacKinnon says he plans to keep his lobster, now named Opal, in a tank in North Sydney before releasing it at the end of the lobster season on July 14.

That’s a pretty bro move to release them both, especially when they could fetch huge sums of money throughout the upcoming lobster season. This is also reminiscent of last July when someone caught a split-colored lobster, the 2nd rarest lobster in the world, with odds of 1 in 50 million. Just think about how much someone would spend on a lobster roll made of a lobster that rare:

It’s been about a decade since the last time I took a Statistics class, but if any of you bros want to run the numbers on what the odds of this happening are I’d be much obliged, just hit me up down below in the comments. Is this one of those situations where we just add the numbers, so 1 in 4 to 10 million, or do they compound? I really don’t remember my stats at all…

(via CTV News)