Think Of The Scariest Thing You Can Find In The Woods, Multiple It By 50, And You’re Still Not Close To This

If you’re hiking in the woods alone this is 100% THE LAST thing you’d ever want to come across. On the list of things you’d rather run into alone in the woods all of these are above what is seen in the video above: a family of grizzly bears, a rabid mountain lion, a serial killer burying a dead body. It’s not that these snakes pose an immediate threat to your life (though they might, that’s unclear), it’s that running into a snake pit filled with hundreds of deadly rattlesnakes is easily the most startling thing you can see in mother nature.

Also, let me clear the air on this: for any of you snake activists out there I am not claiming these snakes are out to kill anyone, or that you should be terrified when coming across a den of a hundred lethal rattlesnakes. It seems like every time I post something about snakes I get a bunch of snake advocates in the comments angry that I’m contributing to the victimization and stigmatization of snakes (same goes for sharks), and I don’t mean to do that at all. I actually used to have pet snakes (Colombian Red Tail Boas and Rat Snakes) back in 4th grade before I was aware of how creepy and odd it is for a dude to keep snakes as a pet. I’m not trying to get snakes killed here, I’m simply pointing out that stumbling across a den of loud ass rattlesnakes out in the woods would cause me to shit my pants, and it would probably cause many people in the world to defecate their pantaloons as well, as the pooping of pants is the natural bodily reaction in this situation.

Just look at these scary ass snakes out there in the middle of nowhere doing scary ass snake things:

[Tip of the hat to Wide Open Spaces for finding and sharing this video first]