All These People Have Dressed Up As ‘Domestic Violence Ray Rice’ For Halloween, Including A Child In Blackface, Too!


Just as our country jumped on using “Beats by Ray” as a Fantasy Football team name this year — making it 2014’s most popular — Ray Rice Halloween costumes appear to be a hot item. But as you’ll see in this pre-Halloween round-up, not all Ray Rice Halloween costumes are created equally. Here we go.


Ray Rice on a budget. 



Is she supposed to be Ray AND his wife? Or just his wife with a black eye supporting him? Very confused by this one. 



This guy took some liberties with Rice’s appearance. 



A child. In blackface. At least young kids aren’t impressionable. 




Full-blown commitment to the costumes. That is, until you get to the dad jeans. 

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And finally, the first Ray Rice costume of 2014, which we can all agree is the best claim to fame ever. 




[H/T Daily Mail]