A Man Named Jack Daniels Was Married By Johnny Walker And Now Has A Son Named Jim Beam



Ever had a Three Wise Men shot? Both Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, and Jim Beam — the holy trinity of whiskey, as far as I’m concerned — are delicious by themselves. But they’re NASTY when you combine all three. Some things are meant to be savored and not mixed into a mutant cocktail. But this liquor-loving lad in Louisiana — named Jack Daniels, natch — decided to make his LIFE a living Three Wise Men shot. Via Philly.com:

Thirty-one-year-old Jack Daniels Leathers of Gray says he and his 23-year-old wife, Lydia Leathers, chose the name well before their marriage.

He tells The Courier they talked about baby names on their first date, and thought Jim Beam would be a good idea.

Jim Beam Leathers was born Nov. 14, turning grandparental pique into tradition. Jack Daniels Leathers says his parents named him to upset their parents.

He says that if they have another baby, a boy will be Evan Williams after the bourbon and a girl would be named Sherry.

The alcoholic names extended to the Terrebonne Parish judge who officiated at their wedding: Judge Johnny Walker.

I don’t know why he wouldn’t name his next son Jose Cuervo so he goes from being a living Three Wisemen shot to a living Four Horsemen shot. Maybe Jack Daniels leathers doesn’t feel that a son named Jose would be living up to the Leathers family crest. Regardless, something tells me that neither Jim Beam or Evan Williams will be teetotalers when they grow up.