Guy Buys Used Record Album And Finds Incredibly Heartbreaking Note About Previous Owner Inside

There are some stories online that you KNOW FOR CERTAIN will send your day in a downward spiral but you click on them anyway. Here’s today’s sad tale about a guy who bought a record and discovered an insanely heartbreaking note inside.

After purchasing a rare vinyl online, Reddit user Muctur quickly realized the record came with an additional bonus that, in his words, “hit him right in the feels.”

Upon opening his used copy of Soundgarden’s ‘Superunknown’, he found an accompanying letter, written by the mother of the record’s previous owner, explaining why she was making the sale.

He posted the letter to Reddit to share the gut-punch.

Dear Collector —

Just in case you want to know where this record is coming from:

I’m Mark’s mother — Mark left us in 2002 — he suffered a heart attack at age 39 while running in the Oregon coastal mountains – the only consolation we have is that he died in a beautiful place doing what he loved most, running, music and of course his son, Kai (Mark was an ocean surfer) – Mark collected this music in the 80th while attending college – I would ask him on occasion when he slepped all this music home (2000 cd + over 600 vinyl LP’s!) “What do you want me to do with all this music” if something should happen to you. —— “Listen to it, Mom” he would say — well, I did listen to a few but now it is time to share them — I am doing the best I can — doing research, listing, shipping etc. — but it is a good therapy for me to see this music being shared all over the world — and the $$ from it will go toward’s Kai’s education — thank you for your support — and when you play it — play it loud for Mark!

Cheers, Sabine

The Redditor paid $127 for the rare album.

[via AOL]

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