Redneck Guzzles A Liter Of Fireball, Gets Pepper Spayed And Tased In The Perfect Internet Video

I’m going to go back home to Boston this weekend and my father is going to ask me for the 7,292 time what ‘BroBible’ is and instead of trying to teach sign language to the blind, I’m just going to show him this video. This has everything we and our readers enjoy: human suffering, reckless rednecks, piss poor decisions, alcohol, more human suffering, electrocutions. The only thing it’s missing is some hot chicks doing jumping jacks in slow motion on each side of him. See dad! See how far an Economics degree can go?!

One sneaky great part of this scene is that it’s on a Wednesday night. Getting stupid drunk while being blinded an electrocuted is a typical school night for these redneck bros. I can’t fathom the debauchery that takes place on a weekend. But I guess it’s all the same when you don’t have a job. I bet the family farm that there’s a casualty on this dude’s birthday.

[h/t TFM]

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