Restaurant Employee Tries To Pick Up Female Customer With Ultra-Creepy Texts, Fails SO Bad

by 3 years ago
restaurant employee creepy texts girlfriend


This girl got quite a shock when some random restaurant employee texted her out of nowhere and things went from zero to creepy super fast.

Allegedly these texts came from an employee of a restaurant called Nando’s over in the UK who really liked what he saw when this girl was there to grab some grub and thought she left accidentally something behind.

Using that situation as a cover, this employee took it upon himself to go ahead and text the girl to see if there was any chance of hooking up. Little did he know two things: (1) she has a boyfriend, and (2) said boyfriend would post this whole cringe-worthy exchange to Reddit.

The worst part of his efforts were when he realized he was creeping this girl the fuck out and tried to play it off like it was all some kind of joke. Dude… so bad. So so bad.

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