‘Rich Kid of Instagram’ Has Nearly $1 Million in Exotic Cars Torched

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Aleem Iqbal, is a 19-year-old from the United Kingdom who goes by Lord Aleem on Instagram,  He’s one of the “Rich Kids of Instagram” people, frequently bragging on Insta about his exotic car collection. In fact, that’s almost exclusively what he posts. That’s because his father is the owner of a luxury travel agency called Platinum Executive Travel and frequently rents the whips to his customers.

Things aren’t going so great for Lord Aleem lately, though. Last week  four of his luxury cars were deliberately set ablaze by arsonists, including a $441,000 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster two Audi R8 Spyders and a Bentley Flying Spur.

Can’t imagine you get that rich without having good insurance. By the looks of his Insta account, everything is going to be just fine:

[H/T: Complex]

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