25 Ways the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Are Spending Their Summer

Playing beer pong on Porsche Carrera GTs! via


Playing golf on their private greens in the backyard! via 


Buying racing boats! via


Chillin in the living room! via


Hanging out by the pool! via


Eating sushi on private planes! via


Going to the spa! via


Upgrading their credit score! Those poor kids with the Gold/Green cards! via


Putting their entire shoe collection in suitcases! via


Keeping the help busy! via


Shopping! via


Hanging out in Ibiza! via


Yachting/helicopter-ing! via


Snacking on private jets! via


Getting their money weighted! via


Checking up on the new construction! via


Hanging out in private basement bowling alleys in the Hamptons! via


Yachting! via


Making sure the important things in life are safe! via


Swimming, of course! via


Getting presents! via


Apartment living! via


Traveling to their summer houses! via


Working on their art collections! via


Making sure all their bags are packed! via

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