The Rio Olympics Are Shaping Up To Be An Absolute Disaster, And Here’s Everything That Could Go Wrong

Every Olympic host city goes through a period of existential terror right before the games begin.

In Sochi, the concern was that roving packs of dogs would tear apart Olympians as they commuted to venues.

In Lillehammer, roving bands of time-traveling Vikings were spotted attempting to chop down the ski jump before the event because they considered the structure an affront to Odin.

Hell, in ancient Greece, at the first Olympics, there wasn’t even the technology to build a proper hardwood basketball court, leaving the world’s best players to try to dribble on dirt and shoot into clay pots hung from trees.

Panic and disarray before the games is completely normal. That said, when you see the shit Rio is going through, it may leave you wondering what will happen.

Especially because that video didn’t even touch on the dead bodies washing ashore.

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