Cops Think Triple Homicide In Florida Is A Ritualistic Killing Linked To The Blue Moon And Witches

As much as I love my native land of sunshine and oranges, Florida is in fact the epicenter of batsh*t crazy within the United States. I used to think that Alaska was up there in terms of insanity, but this latest news cycle has proved me wrong. It seems that a triple homicide in the greater Pensacola area is being investigated as a ritualistic murder somehow tied to the recent blue moon. Cops believe that witches or the occult are somehow involved, and have identified a person of interest. If you’re not into gruesome descriptions of murders then I suggest you stop reading now, because the reasons the police have for making the determination that this was a ritualistic homicide is quite revolting.

Gawker’s Andy Cush reports:

The “ritualistic” element isn’t totally clear. Morgan told reporters that there was no evidence that a robbery had taken place, and when asked what led police to believe the killings were ritualistic, he said “The method of the murder — blunt force trauma, slit throats, positioning of bodies — and our person of interest has some ties to a faith or religion that is indicative of that. The time of the death on Tuesday also coincides with what’s referred to as a blue moon, which occurs every three years.”

Spokesman Hobbes said that the triple murder “might be connected to some type of Wiccan ritual killing.” Morgan did not mention Wiccanism explicitly at a press conference. “It’s witchcraft, I’ll say that right now,” Morgan said. “There are different factions of that. While it doesn’t bother me to release a particular thing, we most assuredly do not want to defame or demean any particular practice,” Morgan said at a press conference.

As far as lunar phenomenons go the ‘blue moon’ is quite significant due to the rarity of it happening. A blue moon is defined as the second full moon of a calendar month, so in order for this occurrence to take place the first full moon essentially needs to fall on the first day of the month so the full lunar cycle can complete and we’re able to get that second full moon. From what I’ve gathered there are expected to be 15 blue moons over the course of the next 20 years, so while it’s considered rare it’s really not all that rare.

That said, something that happens 15 times in 20 years surely doesn’t seem like a big enough reason for some crazy ass Wiccan to break into a home and slay three people in some sort of religious ritual…right? I guess the fundamental flaw in my logic here is that I’m trying to apply logic to Wiccan serial killers, and that’s a level of insanity that logic simply cannot be applied to. As for the ‘person of interest’ identified by police, I can only assume it’s this person:

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