Road Rage Erupts Into All-Out Fight In The Middle Of Russian Highway

by 3 years ago

I don’t blame these dudes for throwing fists at one another. I mean look at where they are. It’s the greyest, most depressing sky I’ve ever seen and they’re stuck in traffic with a couple of inches of sludgy, dirty ice rain snow mix on the ground. There is not one thing to be cheery about. There’s not even one drip of vodka anywhere to be seen. Might as well punch in someone’s face to get out your frustrations.

Apparently the minibus driver accused a minivan driver of almost causing an accident, but there wasn’t an accident. That minor detail doesn’t stop these two Russian meatheads from practicing their best Drago impression in the middle of a highway in Chelyabinsk, south-central Russia.

The one man continuously punches his opponent’s ear and back of his head, which doesn’t look like it’s doing any damage. It devolves into a choking match. Comes off like when that overly adventurous chick who always tells you to choke her during sex, but you don’t because you don’t like accidentally killing people and having a Lifetime movie made about you.

I do appreciate the videographer rolling down the car window to get a better view, but if only they did record vertically.


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