This Guy Would Have Gotten Away With Robbing A House If He Didn’t Get Naked And Try To Bone The Owners

Classic case of having a lot, but wanting it all.

Sadly, for Richard Dean Defeudis (pictured above) he learned that when you get too greedy, when you fly too close to the sun, sometimes you get burnt. Or, in his specific case, you chased out of a house by a hail of gunfire from the angry man that you just woke up by kissing.


Officers ended up catching the suspect, 32-year-old Richard Dean Defeudis, at a vacant home a block away from the couple’s home at Northwest 27th and Quimby Street.

According to police, Defeudis broke into the house near Chapman Elementary School and started gathering valuables in the home.

He took off his clothes, climbed into bed with the man and woman living at the house while holding a knife, police said. The man told police he woke up when Defeudis kissed him.

The man pushed Defeudis off of him and went for his gun, telling the burglar to stop.

Police said Defeudis put on his pants and ran from the home as the victim gave chase, firing three shots from the handgun.

This whole story is confusing.

I can’t tell if I’m more dumbfounded by Defeudis’s general approach to burglary, or at how close the victim keeps his gun to his bed. The thing had to be under his goddamn pillow, right? It’s not like he had time to go to a safe and grab it while Defeudis was trying to fuck him dirty at knife point.

What a peculiar series of events.