Bros, Our Culinary Dreams Have Come True, Kellogg’s Is Making Root Beer And Orange Crush Pop-Tarts

root beer orange crush pop tarts


I have to admit, I LOVE me some Pop-Tarts. I think I’ve been eating them since I was old enough to chew. I’m partial to the Smores ones, but really, give me any flavor Pop-Tart and I am good to go.

So if I am dreaming, please don’t wake me, because Kellogg’s just announced they will be releasing two new flavors: A&W Root Beer and Orange Crush-flavored Pop-Tarts!

According to WTVR this is really happening…

The company said this is the first beverage-inspired flavored Pop-Tart.

According to Kellogg’s, the A&W Root Beer Pop-Tart is “bubbling with root-beer flavored filling,” while the Orange Crush Pop-Tart has a citrus-flavored filling that will “tingle your taste buds.”

Don’t know about you, but I am ready for my taste buds to be tingled.

The new flavors are set to hit stores sometime in May. Cannot wait.

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