High School Kid Runs 5.5 Miles To Ask A Girl To Prom, Really Needs To Learn How To Do Less

by 2 years ago

The older and further away from high school I get, the more and more the entire concept of a “promposal” seems to dumb to be. Look I’m all about going the extra mile and not taking short cuts. But it’s prom. It’s literally the least significant thing in your life next to middle school graduation. If you have to run 5.5 miles to get a potential date’s attention, you should probably find someone you jive with a little better.

That said… Props on the social media game. Likes and shares are sorta the whole point of the promposal thing, so this kid def gets points for going viral. Way to be extra extra.

Now that every girl’s expectations are through the roof in your high school, you ruined it for every single one of your boys who is planning on doing way less than you for their promposal. Poor dudes.

Sums up my feelings accurately:

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