As Tensions Rise, Russia Prepares Citizens For Nuclear War Against US With 40 Million Participating In ‘Large Scale’ Drill

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Russia is conducting some fun little exercises this week, preparing their citizens for an all-out nuclear war. The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (The title is a bit wordy if you ask me) detailed the drills that will involve more than 40 million people, 200,000 specialists of emergency rescue divisions and about 50,000 units of equipment:

Stage I: organization of civil defense actions

Stage II: Planning and organization of civil defense actions. Deploying a team of civil defense forces and facilities designed to respond to large disasters and fires.

Stage III: Organization of actions of civil defense management bodies and forces for response to large disasters and fires.

The stage will deal with the use of the civil defense team to respond to large disasters and fires, setting up aerial and mobile control centers, revising of routes for safe evacuation of people, organization of vital services; taking off fire and rescue units of the federal fire service to put out fires and conduct rescue operations at potentially dangerous facilities, including closed administrative territorial entities.

The drill will rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection of the personnel and population during emergencies at crucial and potentially dangerous facilities. Fire safety, civil defense and human protection at social institutions and public buildings are also planned to be checked. Response units will deploy radiation, chemical and biological monitoring centers and sanitation posts at the emergency areas, while laboratory control networks are going to be put on standby.

Exercises such as these are held annually in Russia since 2012, but it is especially unsettling because of the timing. There has been an escalation of tensions between the two international powers and it is worrying.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin exited a nuclear security pact with the United States because of “hostile actions.”

“The threat to strategic stability posed by the hostile actions of the U.S. against Russia, and the inability of the U.S. to deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive weapons plutonium under international treaties” forced Russia’s hand Putin wrote.

Moscow said that a “radically changed environment” caused Russia to withdraw from the landmark nuclear security agreement.

The treaty from 2000 had guidelines on the disposal of plutonium, the material used in some nuclear weapons. The agreement required Russia and the U.S. to destroy military stockpiles of plutonium.

Russia will no longer be bound to destroy its plutonium stockpiles, meaning they could use the lethal material to make more nuclear weapons.

Relations between Russia and the United States are deteriorating stemming from the civil war in Syria where both respected countries support warring factions. Negotiations between the U.S. and Russia have broken down. On Monday, Washington said it is “suspending its participation in bilateral channels with Russia” over the Syrian crisis. This derails any efforts for a mutual ceasefire in Syria.

“Yesterday, as most of you saw, the United States announced our decision to suspend the bilateral discussions with Russia on the re-institution of the cessation of the hostilities agreement. A decision that, believe me, does not come lightly,” Secretary of State John Kerry said. “I want to be very, very clear to everybody: We are not giving up on the Syrian people. We are not abandoning the pursuit of peace. We are not going to leave the multilateral field. We are going to continue to try to find a way forward in order to end this war.”

On Tuesday, any hope towards the U.S. and Russia coming to a peaceful solution went out the window and the relationship seems to have been regressing back to the Cold War era. The Russian military brought an advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile system into Syria. This only concludes that Russia is ramping up their military operations in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

The newer, modified version of the S-300VM, also known as the SA-23, is the first time Russia has introduced this anti-missile system into the region.

If it is set up at a high enough altitude, its radar will be able to “see” over the mountains, allowing Russian air defense coverage to possibly extended as far as the Eastern city of Dier Ezzor, which is a shift in the battlefield, one official told CNN.

Dier Ezzor is about 270 miles east of Damascus and is very close to ISIS-held territories where US and coalition aircraft regularly bomb Islamic State facilities.

With American fighter planes flying in the region, this is a recipe for worldwide disaster.


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