VIDEO: Russian Mafia Boss Caught On Camera Having Sex With ‘Human Rights Lawyer’ In Swanky Jail Cell

Russian Mafia boss caught on camera having sex with 'human rights lawyer' in jail cell


Sucks to be in jail. Cramped inside a tight, gloomy cell with some other criminal who may kill you in your sleep and there’s no women to have sex with. Unless you’re a Russian Mafia boss that is, then prison seems pretty fucking sweet.

This unnamed Russian Mafia boss is serving time in a prison located in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region of central Russia for his connections to organized crime. He regularly receives visits from an attractive blonde woman who claimed to be a human rights activist. She was there to ensure that the incarcerated man was receiving proper treatment and that his jail conditions were humane.

However prison guards became suspicious when his “counseling sessions” were lasting longer than usual, so they installed CCTV cameras in his cell. They discovered that the inmate was receiving counseling to his dick because the woman was having sex with him during the meetings. The video of the woman stripping and hugging the prisoner was taken in April. Fuck. Where do I find a human rights activist?

Can we talk about this gangster’s “prison cell.” I love what he’s done with the place! Those drapes really bring a beautiful hue to the room, and that mid-century modern style wood furniture really speaks to me. It says, “Yes I’m locked up in jail, but you can’t arrest my fabulous interior design ideas that embellish this cell.” Is that a goddamn Rembrandt on the wall? This guy is really roughing it. I wonder if this asshole gets lobster delivered to him.