Samantha Bee Had Hands-Down The Best Response To Donald Trump’s Super Lame Taco Bowl Tweet

samantha bee donald trump tweet reactions

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In case you were hiding under a rock all day yesterday you surely saw Donald Trump’s horrible attempt at pandering to the Mexican population here in America.

Here is again, in case you missed it, or you just need a good laugh again today…

Yes, the taco bowl, that dish that so fervently expresses all the wonder and heritage of Mexico.

Needless to say, many, and I mean MANY, people had a good laugh at the expense of The Donald’s transparent attempt to garner votes on Cinco de Mayo.

No reaction, in my opinion, and I’m the one writing this so for now that counts, was better than the one put forth by Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal on TBS.

That reads, “The best taco bowls are made by hardworking immigrants who don’t like being called rapists by a rich prick. I love inauthentic Mexican food!” in case you can’t somehow read it.

After that shot someone was definitely feeling the bern, I mean burn.

Of course she wasn’t the only celebrity to chime in. Really, I think they all did, but here were some more of the best responses I found.

George Lopez’s was especially heartfelt.

And of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s equally spot-on reaction…

If nothing else Trump has sure made this election cycle more entertaining than it’s been in decades. And really, isn’t that what matters, America?