How Long Should You Last In The Sack? Science Reveals The ‘Normal’ Time For Sex

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So how long do you last during sex? I know it’s a tricky question because there’s so many variables like, “Are you using your good hand or your ‘mistress’ hand,” and “How fast you can you find that porn star who does that thing with ping pong balls on xHamster?” I kid, I know you are smashing more than Rosy Palms. Well, science has found the “normal” time that you should last during sex and let’s hope that you measure up.

Psychologist Dr. Brendan Zietsch wrote an article for The Conversation asking the question, “What is the mean intravaginal ejaculation latency time?” Or in layman’s terms, “What is the average amount of time for a dude to blow a load during sex?”

To find the answer Zietsch, from the University of Queensland, sought assistance from a scientific study. The research involved 500 couples from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey and the United States that had a stable heterosexual relationship for at least 6 months and timed themselves having sex over a four-week period using a stopwatch. Nothing sounds sexier than your ladyfriend with a stopwatch in her hand timing your performance. This was straight up fucking, no cheating and adding foreplay to their time or ducking down for six minutes of cunnilingus during the sex to add time. How long after the penis slid into the vag did it take to make jizzies?

The times were wide-ranging from a disappointing 33 seconds by a two-pump chump all the way up to a Sting-like tantric sex marathon of 44 minutes.

However, the average time to get to Sploogetown was 5.4 minutes. The quickest country to turn their turgid towers to taffy was Turkey, where couples only lasted 3.7 minutes. Age was a factor, young, spry couples from 18-30 years old lasted 6.5 minutes, but love-makers over the age of 51 took only 4.3 minutes to do the damn thing.

Surprisingly, using a condom did not affect the timing (So much for our little “I can’t cum when I use condoms” excuse, but let’s keep that under our hat shall we?).

Remember gentlemen, it’s not a race, you get no medals for finishing first.


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