Giant Scumbag Outed For Lying About Being At The Orlando Shooting After Giving Speech At Vigil

There’s a special place in hell for those that abuse national tragedies for personal gain. I just don’t understand what these human cockroaches believe is going to happen to them? Do they think they’re going to get away with it? Cause they won’t.

Last Saturday, there was a vigil held in Huntsville, Alabama, to honor the victims of the Orlando Night Club Shooting. When the organizers heard that in attendance was Clint Lampkin, a man who claimed to have been at the bar during the shooting, they allowed him to come on stage to deliver an impromptu speech. While this could have been a touching story, it soon became obvious that Clint Lampkin was full of shit. The first major clue came when one of his Facebook friends sent this picture to the local news:

clint lampkin

Why would anyone post this status update? It’s incredibly distasteful and unnecessary. Clint claimed that his Facebook account had been hacked, which is obviously bullshit. During his on stage speech, Clint stated that he had a friend who was killed in the shooting. When reporters attempted to follow up on this claim, Clint changed his story and stated that he had only known his ‘friend’ for a short time and didn’t even know his name.

This dude is obviously a disturbed individual, and I can’t wait for his lies to blow up in his face.

[h/t WHNT]