Boston-Hating Guy Wants Statue Of Seagull With Boobs Removed Because It Makes His Town Look Like A Joke

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There’s good naked art then there’s bad naked art. According to one ornery man in New Bedford, Massachusetts, this statue of a seagull with boobs is bad nude art.

The statue, which has been called “Seagull Cinderella” by its creator Donna Dodson, ruffled the feathers of one resident so much he had to file a petition to get it removed.

“The statue of “Seagull Cinderella” by Donna Dodson of Boston is ridiculous and makes our city look like a joke. With New Bedford’s rich history, we do not want visitors’ lasting impressions to be [this]. What a waste. It needs to go. Remove it, or replace it with something beautiful.”

For some reason, the petition also mentions its intent to support the daughter of a murder victim, which seems… odd. What a peculiar bird this dude is. But, so it goes for the seagull, arguably the world’s most hated fowl. Not even this massive tuna could stomach one.

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Here’s a description of the piece from the artist herself:

“Seagull Cinderella is as common as the birds we see at the beach. Yet she is uncommon, like Marilla in Anne of Green Gables, corseted and bound by the sweet virtues of her character. Her full length gown is alive with neon daisies and flower power! This piece is Celebrating a Common sea bird as the American mythic princess, Cinderella. “

Of course. I mean, we all see seagulls with great ta-tas at the beach. They’re everywhere.

Here are pics of Donna’s other “monumental sculptures”…

Cow with boobs…

Panda bear with boobs…

“Madam President” bear with boobs…

And that glorious seagull with serious cleavage…

And for the love of God with boobs, please check out this video of a seagull stealing a GoPro for my bro Matt Keohan. Thank you!

Via Daily Dot, Mashable

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