Random Dudes Kept Sending Dick Pics To This Guy’s Phone, So He Reacted The Only Way He Knew How

Frank Anthony is a man. A man who does not yearn to open a text from a random, unknown phone number only to find the eye of dick staring deep into his soul. Frank doesn’t want for that. It’s not, as you say, “his thing.” And yet, thanks to a prank, that’s what Frank got.

Now, most of us would chose to delete the messages instantly and pray that we never received them again. But not Frank. Oh no. When life gave Frank dick pics, Frank made lemonade. Or whatever the penis equivalent to that old saying is…

Per Frank’s post for The Real Cape

“I’m not sure if a scorned woman was giving my number out to potential tinder matches, or if my phone number ended up on Backpage or Craigslist in the casual encounter section, but I knew I must have really grinded someone’s gears when I received a few pictures of an over anxious young man who made the slight error of not confirming the identity of his dick pic target before hitting send.”

The reason why Frank was getting random dick pics is still unknown. But here’s how it all played out for him. With Frank’s commentary.

Then he decided to up the seduction ante by adding alcohol into the mix…

Which is when I decided it was time to reveal my identity…


As luck would have it — very BAD LUCK — this wasn’t the only guy who sent Frank pics, which made Frank suspect that he was the target of a cruel Craigslist prank.

I still have no idea who I pissed off to the point where they decided to play gay Cupid with my contact info. If any of our Provincetown readers should happen to come across a Grindr profile of me, please let us know. Needless to say, my number has been changed.

Here’s another he received.

All things considered, if this was a prank by one of Frank’s buddies, it was a dynamite one. Now you have two options. You can sit and wait and hope our friends decide to not do this to you. OR…you can launch a preemptive strike. The choice is yours.

[H/T Frank Anthony, The Real Cape]

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