This Is The Shield French Police Used When Storming The Bataclan Concert Hall Friday Night

by 2 years ago

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On Friday night, Paris, France was hit with a coordinated series of terrorists attacks that left 132 people dead and hundreds more wounded.

The images and videos coming out of that night are profoundly sobering, a shocking reminder of how senseless and needless this mass murder was. It can all make you lose a lot of hope in humanity. But for every awful thing out there, remember, there is often a counterpoint.

You can see it here, in the shield French police used when they stormed the Bataclan, the music venue where concertgoers were being held hostage and executed.

It’s riddled with bullet holes, 26 by my count, and shows the willingness of people to put their life completely on the line to save others.


William Molinie

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