GRAPHIC: New Videos Show Exact Moment Terrorists Began Firing Inside Bataclan Theater And Bloody Carnage Outside

We showed you the harrowing scene as frantic concert-goers fled the Bataclan Theater from a side emergency exit, even by some who were so wounded that they couldn’t walk on their own and were leaving a trail of blood. Now new footage has emerged showing the exact moment when terrorists fired their guns on innocent people at the Eagles of Death Metal concert as well as the bloodied victims outside the music hall.

The haunting video shows members of the Eagles of Death Metal reacting as the clap of automatic gunfire is sprayed into the sold-out crowd of 1,500 at the Bataclan Theater. The attack by ISIS jihadists killed 89 in the slaughter at the concert hall.

Another video shows wounded victims from the brutal rampage in the Bataclan Theater strewn about the streets outside the venue. The video is extremely bloody and graphic, and may show fatalities from the onslaught.

There is also the first image from inside the Bataclan Theater after the massacre, but I must warn you, it is extremely graphic and gory. You can see it here.

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