Send Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy A Festive Schlong With ‘Ship A Dick’

Don’t be surprised to find a big ‘ol wiener in your mailbox if you’ve ever pissed off someone who’s even the slightest bit web savvy. Thanks to the new service ‘Ship A Dick’ you can now send all different types of penises to your best friend or your worst enemy.

Lately we’ve been seeing all sorts of weird shipping services. From shipping a ‘glitter bomb‘ to shipping ‘real snow‘ out of Boston, the web’s been thriving on people sending other people weird shit. And while you’ve always been able to send cocks in the mail, prior to now it required you to either purchase one on the black market, draw one yourself, or make a mold out of plastics, and all three of those methods are pretty damn inconvenient.

With ‘Ship A Dick‘ you can send anyone and everyone penises of all different shapes, sizes, and designs!

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, so why not send your bro’s or your bro’s enemies some festive green cocks?

A ‘Luchadong‘ for that friend or frenemy who’s really into wrestling:

A festive wang covered in glitter perhaps?

Or maybe just a certificate to show that special someone just how much of a dick they are?

The dong possibilities are endless here. And the answer to your question is ‘yes’, there is a DVDA Discount for shipping multiple dicks at a time.Whether you’re lookign to ship a celebratory dick or a revenge dick, you can find any and all dicks for shipping at ‘Ship A Dick‘ aka ‘My New Favorite Website’.

To recap:

What do they send?

What will the recipient’s reaction be?

And the best part is that it’s COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. As the FAQ’s state: “They will only see’s return address. They’ll only know if you tell them. So, send it to your boss, lover, friend, enemy, mother, sibling or even to us.” So you can ship anyone in the world a guilt-free cock!

For more from ShipADick you can check them out on Twitter HERE.

Tip of the hat to reader Kyle O. for passing along this glorious service!.