Badass Shrimp Rips A Fish Out Of Another Fish’s Stomach Because NATURE IS METAL

by 12 months ago

I throw the phrase ‘Nature Is Metal’ around pretty regularly here at BroBible in reference to animal acts that make most people cringe. This is definitely one of the most appropriate uses of ‘Nature Is Metal’ that I can ever recall: a deep sea shrimp eating a fish after pulling it from the stomach of another fish.

Eating an animal from the inside of another animal, that’s not something you get to see every day. The money shot comes around the 1:10 mark of this video, but it’s all worth watching. This is some hardcore shit right here:


I typically check the Ocean Explorer YouTube channel on the regular but I somehow missed this video. So I’ll send a shoutout to Newsweek for tracking this down. Now, if you missed that money shot here it is again, in animated GIF, so you can see the action on repeat:

I’ve always thought that the Mantis Shrimp is the most badass shrimp species out there, but after seeing this footage I might be wrong.

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