Ladies Shared The Signs Men Should Notice When Chicks Are Actually Interested, So Lookout For These

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I don’t know about you bros but there was definitely a time in my life when I was clueless about the signals that chicks were sending. How do I know this? Several girls who were into me back in H.S. and college later told me that I was clueless and they were sending me every possible signal to get my attention (mind you, I usually made up for lost time upon being told these things). This was tough to hear later in life because I’m typically an extremely observant person, so when I came across this thread of chicks all sharing the signals guys should be looking for I knew I had to share it with you all so that nobody would make the mistakes a much younger version of me once made…via AskReddit:

Are you doing something that sucks and she’s still here? Like you took her on a date that bombed, like the theater was closed so you had to drive across town to another theater and then had to wait an hour for the movie you planned to see, so you missed the open times for the restaurant you planned and had to get weird 24 hour diner food and she is STILL here with you smiling and looking at you happily and talking?
That means she’s interested.

1. If she is either making a lot of eye contact or avoiding eye contact, she likes you or hates you or neither. Keep your eyes on the prize (or don’t)!
2. Watch for her speech patterns. If she chats you up a lot, she likes you or is just friendly. If she shies away from talking to you, she likes you or maybe doesn’t.
3. Get that text game going, gentleman! A frequent responder definitely might be interested in you or is just talkative! But a girl who doesn’t respond much still might be interested or maybe not though.
4. Caught her staring? Well, I’ve got news for you! She definitely has some sort of feeling about you. Typically it’s either interest or disinterest, or just thinks you are so ugly that it’s intriguing.

When a girl invites you over for a movie, sits real close, wants to play with your hair, and tells you that she’s thinking about getting her vag waxed, she probably is in to you.
Took me about 2.5 years to figure that one out.

I found out he got that RARE game bundle on Xbox. I told to him that Banjo and Kazooie was one of my favorite childhood games (my N64 cartridge was also corrupted so I couldn’t play it anymore). So I kept asking to come over after work (and apologize a lot for wanting to hang out) and play it with him, I’d sit right beside him almost very cuddly.
He wasn’t really taking the hint, I think it was because we had been friends since grade 8 so he didn’t really think much of it, but he thought it was weird that I kept asking and then apologizing to hang out so much. One day I asked him if he wanted to go to the amusement park with me because I got free tickets, he said “sure” and thought nothing of it. Later that night I complain that I’m uncomfortable with my sitting position, to which he replies with “Then find something comfortable I guess.” I said “Okay” and landed my head on his shoulder.
That’s when everything clicked in his head.

I text you back every time on time.
Touch. I need to touch your arm.
Making eye contact from the across the room. A lot.
Smiling. Lots and lots of smiling. Like for no reason.

Things I’ve noticed:
Going out of their way to spend time with you
Playing with their hair
Offering to cook for you (seriously, you’re good to go most times on this one)
Suggesting fun things to do together with just the two of you
Inviting you to her place alone (very high chance of getting laid)

Personally, I stand a lot closer. Like, really close.
Also I seek you out more often to talk. Did I come over to ask what you’re doing for the 20th time today? I’ve got a crush.

The woman I married (but later divorced) asked me out by saying “I think you’re smart and funny and attractive and stuff and I want to fuck you and be your girlfriend and stuff” (we were stoners at the time).
I would never have guessed otherwise.

If she doesn’t look at you with disgust, that’s a start.

If we drag you along to any event or place– we like you.

If I’m riding you, you can assume I like you.

If she has an honest laugh at one of your dumb jokes.
If she touches your hand/arm for no discernible reason
If she says fuck me daddy

she touches her hair when you talk to her
she find excuses to be with you (school project, next to each other at bus)
she laughs at your jokes
she tells you emotional stories that happened to her, and only a few people know
she texts you good morning, and you are the person she texts constantly
she likes all your stuff on facebook, even this buzzfeed article you shared

I’m a woman and I’m not going to speak on behalf of all women, but these are true for me:
If I smile/laugh around you a lot. Just naturally. I have an “easy laugh”, but if I really laugh at a lot of what you say, I like you… a lot. I think for me it’s true in how much I smile around someone, and if my laugh sounds a bit breathy. When I genuinely laugh, I definitely sound like I’m a bit out of breath. I need this one – I need someone whose sense of humour goes well with mine. If we can’t joke with each other or laugh at the same kinds of things, we’re doomed lol.
If I don’t know you yet, I may not be good at eye contact. Once we’ve spoken and stuff, I will hold eye contact. I’ve had times where I held eye contact with someone before I knew them, but that can be hard for me sometimes before I’ve gotten to talking to someone. Just shyness maybe.
If I lick my lips/bite my lips or play with my lips at all.
Texting-wise… my response rate varies. But if I’m sending you a 🙂 or pleasant messages, it means I want to continue talking. If it’s just “cool. good luck” or something, I’m not into it. But I wouldn’t put too much weight into response rate for me at least.
If I feel comfortable touching you, or you touching me. If I hold your arm or something, that means I wanna see you naked (LOL). +100 pts for me touching your thigh or knee area. That is 100% a “I wanna get with you”. I’m not touchy with people I don’t have that bond with, but when I feel it, I’ll be really touchy.
I generally dress myself well and all, but if I put an effort to look extra sexy around you, it’s probably because I like you. I’m comfortable in sweats, too, so putting that a dress on = I LIKE YOU.

I had a huge collection of hats and this girl would take them so that I would have to come back.
Them she said she would trade me for a kiss. I just went home and got another hat.
She eventually got her kiss and I never got my hats. We get married in a couple weeks.
Still no word on the hats

This one’s actually from a guy who clearly just needed to get some stuff off his chest:

If a girl says she wants to come over to do some laundry because her washer and dryer are both broken, and then comes over and ‘forgets’ to bring her laundry basket, it’s because she’s just forgetful. Definitely show her your guinea pig and try to do some calculus with her, so at least something productive can get done.

Commit this knowledge to memory. Use it. You will have a more fruitful sex life, I guarantee it.

Alright, bros, I hope you get the point here. If you haven’t yet figured out the signs there are many more of these responses over in the AskReddit thread and you can read all of them HERE.

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