This Jacked 3-Foot-7 Inch Bro With An Unknown Disability Is Training To Be A Pro Body Builder And Is Inspiring AF

It’s Monday. If you’re like me, you’re finding each and every excuse to scroll through the inter webs and put off the work you put off on Friday for a day when you magically muster up the motivation.

Maybe this inspiring story will kick you into gear. It has for me, as I’ve answered a total of two emails this morning. NBD.

Caleb Mutombo is a 19-year-old who is just 3ft 7in tall. Caleb suffers from an undiagnosed disability which meant he grew at a rate much slower than the average person and stopped growing altogether when he was just 14, according to Daily Mail.

Despite his immense physical setbacks, the Congo-native can squat close to 70 pounds and lift almost 25 pounds. From the age of 12, Mutombo began lifting anything he could get his hands on from coffee tables to bags of books.

Mutombo now spends five days a week in a gym in efforts to be a professional bodybuilder, despite needing assistance just to walk. He recently entered a body building competition in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he places third, in front of competitors twice his height.

‘I do bodybuilding because I love it. I love to see my body grow I love to feel full of energy and fit at the same time.

‘I wish to inspire people in general to work to stay fit and healthy. I have come to realise that my disability is my ability to inspire.

‘When I started out a lot of people didn’t believe I could do it.

‘I faced negativity and prejudice.

‘But I’m very proud of everything I have achieved so far, getting into bodybuilding is exciting.

‘When I’m on the stage during a competition I focus on the judges and the crowd not the other bodybuilders competing alongside me.

‘I focus on doing my best and not measuring myself against other people’s best.

‘I’m very happy about how far I’ve come and I’m looking forward to one day becoming a professional bodybuilder.’

In a world where we’re constantly comparing ourselves to one another, Mutombo’s outlook is refreshing: just do your fucking best and let the success come naturally. Best of luck to Mutombo in his endeavors and continued good good health.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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