Smoking Hot Girl Preaches ‘Don’t Play With Her Heart’ On Tinder Then TOTALLY Redeems Herself!

by 5 years ago

You don’t want to swipe on random chicks on Tinder and invest your valuable time, only to have them tell you that they’re looking for a serious relationship. I mean c’mon, this is Tinder. If you’re looking for your knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet and marry you then go make an account on eHarmony. Caryn here seems like she’s going to demand a serious relationship on Tinder, but then makes a surprising and delightful 180.

Caryn is a beautiful 34-year-old woman on Tinder. She’s quite the catch with her piercing blue eyes and her lovely blonde hair. She’s witty, bubbly and her word is her bond. The captivating Caryn is even a business owner.

However she starts to go down that “Don’t play with a girl’s heart” jibber-jabber, but then things take a turn for a groping betterment.

I couldn’t agree more Caryn. Couldn’t agree more.

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