Send This Dope Footage Of A Snoring Hummingbird To The Next Person Who Bitches About Being Tired

Just about every single person in my Facebook Newsfeed and Twitter Timeline spent all of Sunday (and this morning) pissing and moaning about the time change, and the precious loss of one hour of sleep. As for myself I either shut off my alarm on Friday or at some point throughout the weekend, and managed to sleep until nearly 10am this morning and woke up more disoriented (and late) than I’ve been in years. Just this morning our newest BroBible editor Matt Koehan posted a scathing diatribe from ‘Last Week Tonight’ on just show ridiculous it is that we still have Daylight Saving Time. But what does that any of that have to do with a snoring hummingbird? Answer: everything.

In some ways that incredible footage from the BBC of a snoring hummingbird is a clip of each and every one of us who woke up this morning thinking ‘Why? Why has society kept up with this archaic habit of changing our clocks and robbing me of a precious hour of sleep?!’ Benjamin Franklin had a metric shitton of great ideas, but daylight saving time was not one of them.

So as you struggle through the day in need of that precious hour of sleep you’ve lost, take solace by watching this snoring hummingbird. And as the day progresses and your bros, lady bros, and/or coworkers come to you to complain about the time change you can send them this adorable video of a snoring hummingbird. Because this little hummingbird getting his snore on soothes everything.