Would Ya Look At All This Trash Humans Have Thrown Up In Space?

For the first, oh, 4.5 billion years of this planet, we put exactly zero things into space. That’s probably a good thing, you know, living in harmony with the universe and what not.

In the past 60 years, once we developed the ability to put shit into orbit, we’ve dropped a dickton of crap into space.

Which, that’s probably not god awful. I have no idea whether an inert satellite 35,000 miles away from Earth would have the ability to, idk, alter the orbit of an exoplanet 80 million light years away, sending it hurtling out of orbit and into a black hole and ultimately causing the destruction of the universe. Probably not.

BUT! We don’t know that it won’t. So maybe, idk, operate with some restraint in the future? Because look at all that shit. It’s amazing they can even get space ships out without hitting a thousand things.