Giant Turd Spirit Airline Passenger Has Demented Meltdown Over Plastic Cups And Now It’s Biting Her In The Ass

Moments before boarding a Spirit Airlines flight you are whisked away into a dark closet and forced to sign a last-minute liability waiver. The waiver is only one page, and says the following typed in Comic Sans:

“We here at Spirit do not care about your wants and/or needs, and therefore if, at any time during your flight, you feel compelled to file a complaint, please take the seatbelt buckle hastily taped to the side of your seat and go fuck yourself. Thank you for being dumb enough to choose Spirit Airlines, we hope to see you again!”

After signing it, they punch you in the face to get you ready for the sort of bullshit you can expect during your flight. So when the woman in the above video started having a meltdown when the flight attendant wouldn’t give her two plastic cups, rest assured that the rest of the plane sat in mild bemusement rather than throttling her and strapping her ass back down into her seat.

Why, for the love of god, does this woman need two plastic cups? I don’t know. I’m sitting here wracking my brains trying to think of a reason that, on a flight from Baltimore to Atlanta, she’d need two plastic cups…but there isn’t one. It’s a two-hour flight at most. That’s two episodes of Peaky Blinders and less than the runtime of Batman v Superman. There is nothing in the goddamn world that requires two plastic cups AND justifies getting out of your seat and arguing with the flight attendant over it, and yes I am including bodily injuries. Dumbass could’ve cut her finger off and if I were the attendant I STILL wouldn’t have given her a single cup, because it’s not like that’s going to do shit to help anything.

As you’ve probably already guessed, people are already jumping to hate on this woman:

[H/T Daily Mail]