The World Has Been Waiting To Do This With Beer And Finally The Wait Is Over

Beer. It’s drinkable. It’s…that’s about it, it’d drinkable. It’s edible but it’s usually included in a recipe. You can’t just eat beer unless it’s really, truly skunked then take a couple bites.

Finally, beer will be available in a form even better than liquid — it will be spreadable.

Napoleone, an Italian chocolate company that I want to hug, teamed up with the Birra Alta Quota brewery to create a spreadable beer product. It’s like a jelly, the Smuckers kind not the KY variety, and it’s called Birra Spalmabile. It’s available in two varieties: Omid Dark Ale and Greta Blond Ale. I would have named them “awesome” and “even more awesome” but I’m not quite a marketing genius so I’ll accept their naming conventions.

Unfortunately, Birra Spalmabile is only available online and the lone company that offers the spreadable delight only ships to select countries across Eastern Europe. I can only hope it makes its way to the United States because morning bagels in the office need to get turnt up like pronto.

H/T Rocket News 24



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