Sriracha Beer Is Here

2014 will be remembered as the year we hit peak Sriracha. From breathless coverage of the Huy Fong Foods’ California plant closing and opening and closing, to the condiment being offered at every single food truck, as well as being added to potato chips, our nation developed an obsession with the Asian-inspired hot sauce.

Add to all that, in this (almost) final month of the year, Sriracha-flavored beer, from Rogue Ales in Oregon. The beer was teased on its Facebook page this week.


Spicy stout! Not a bad combination at all. There’s no announcement on whether the beer will be available nationwide, but it’s already being served at a Rogue-owned bar in neighboring Washington state.

Review are mixed. “Drink it to live in the edge, not necessarily for a good beer,” said one reviewer on Untappd, while another had compliments. “Initial taste of coffee, then slow warm filling the mouth.”

I can get behind that. Can’t wait for it to make it out East.

[Via America’s trillest food blog, First We Feast]