Starbucks Has ‘Pepperoni Pizza Croissants’ For All The Boyfriends Of Basic White Girls Who Drag Them To Get Coffee

by 4 years ago


Do you hate when your girlfriend drags you into Starbucks so she can get a mocha-flocha-whatever, whereas you don’t even drink coffee and think everything in there is overpriced to begin with? Well fear not, because now instead of bitching at your girlfriend for being basic as hell you can shove a “pepperoni pizza croissant” into your mouth, effectively avoiding conflict because your mouth is stuffed with what looks to be an semi-upgraded hot pocket.

Starbucks has just launched these beauties, which they’re calling ‘foldovers’ in the US…

If people don’t fancy the pepperoni pizza version, they can choose between the sliced ham, melted Swiss cheese and béchamel sauce, or the spinach, shallots, white wine and béchamel sauce variations…

Also, can we just add that the pepperoni pizza foldover contains just 270 calories?(Via)

Gee whiz, only 270 calories? That’ll go great with the 800-calorie frappe I just ordered. Healthy eating FTW right there.

[H/T Metro]