This East Coast State Fair Will Host A Weed Growing Competition And The Judging Sounds Awesome

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At this year’s Washington D.C. State Fair there will be a marijuana growing competition, because it is now legal for D.C. residents to grow their own cannibas plants and they need a place to showcase their sticky buds. This is not the first time that a marijuana growing competition has been held a state fair, as there was one previously held in Denver but it has since been permanently canceled after a bunch of people claim they were unknowingly poisoned by weed chocolates and proceeded to bring a lawsuit against the fair. D.C’s doing it different though, they’re judging the quality of marijuana plants based on a few subjective criteria, and there’s no way this can go wrong. I’ve also got some great news about ‘millennials and weed’ after the contest description, so if you’re interested in that be sure to scroll to the bottom.

Each grower wanting to participate in D.C.’s inaugural marijuana growing competition is asked to submit ‘ about 1 to 2 grams, from their plant in a small Mason jar’, choosing the stickiest of the ickiest they have to offer. According to the competition’s entry form the buds will then be judged based on the following criteria:

1. Appearance: Is it well manicured? Does it have Trichomes (sparkling crystals)?

2. Odor: What does it smell like? Does it have a sweet, spicy, or murky smell?

3. Touch: Is it sticky? Does the stem snap or bend?

4.Your Story: Did you grow your plant organically? Did you use artificial light, natural light, or a combination? Was the plant grown hydroponically or in soil? All of this information and anything else you would like the judges to know should be included in the Your Story category below in the registration from.

Other information from the entry form includes the following:

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the DC State Fair first-ever Best Bud Contest!
The contest is open to District of Columbia residents ages 21 and older. You may register only one entry.

The DC State Fair will be held on Saturday, September 12, at the Old City Farm and Guild, 925 Rhode Island Avenue, NW (near the Shaw Green Line Metro Station). We ask that winning entries be on display until Fair closing at 7 p.m., when they can be claimed. All other entries may be picked up after judging.

Entry forms must be submitted by midnight on Saturday, September 5. Due to logistical constrictions, registration will close early if 50 entries are registered before the deadline.

Your entry must be from a cannabis plant that you’ve grown from seed. Please be prepared to submit a photo of you with your plant when you submit your entry on the day of the contest; a hardcopy photo or a photo from your smartphone will do. You must submit one small bud (~1 to ~2 grams) from your plant in a 1/4-, 1/2-, or 1-pint Mason jar.

So which of you bros will be the first to enter? I know we have a strong contingent of D.C. readers, and I have to assume that among you there’s at least a handful growing your own weed now, right?

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