Map Ranks The 10 States That Party The Hardest In America

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Here at BroBible, we love partying and we love maps. We especially love maps about partying. This is a map about partying.

The website put together a really cool interactive map ranking the states that party the hardest. The formula for each state includes the average amount of booze residents consume, the number of bars per capita (…whoa, Wisconsin has a lot of bars), the number of music festivals hosted in-state, and operating hours for selling alcohol. So if your state has 4AM closing times (or later), the harder it climbs up the list. Here’s the Top 10, according to those factors:

1.California (CA)
2.Nevada (NV)
3.New York (NY)
4.Illinois (IL)
5.Texas (TX)
6.Florida (FL)
7.Hawaii (HI)
8.Louisiana (LA)
9.Arizona (AZ)
10.Wisconsin (WI)

The big surprise for me is Hawaii. Look it’s a great vacation state, but I’m surprised to see it on the list higher than Wisconsin and Colorado, which didn’t even make it. No offense against the Aloha State, but there has to be some sort of statistical fallacy at play here, right?

Go read the breakdown on and check out the interactive map below. If you’re on a desktop, scroll over each state for a complete breakdown of stats.

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