Steve-O Leaped Off A Bridge By Jumping Off A Trampoline That Was On A Moving Truck

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I assumed that Steve-O was taking it easy these days and avoiding dangerous stunts. Last time we checked in on him he was playing “titty trick shots,” which is basically beer pong with busty models. But it appears that the Jackass star is still testing the limits of his body and his luck with his crazy stunts.

On Saturday, Steve-O jumped iff a bridge in Tampa, Florida. Not content with just leaping off a bridge, Steve-O upped the stakes. He was jumping on a trampoline that was on the back of a pickup truck and as they drove over a bridge Steve-O bounced off the trampoline.

He splashed into the water with a back-flop and was bleeding from the impact. He wasn’t that far from hitting the rails of the bridge.

It appears that trampolines are Steve-O’s new thing. Here he is doing flips on a trampoline as he rides a wave.

Maybe ditch the bridge-jumping and stick with the trampoline surfing because that seems less likely of a chance of dying.