Possibly Psycho Dude Tells Story Of Missing Sex Doll In A Series Of Crazy Facebook Posts


A sex doll is like a micropenis in that if you have one, you probably want to do your best in keeping it under wraps. I’ve endured dry spells that lasted longer than a Kardashian marriage, but I haven’t yet sunk so low as to bang an inanimate object that isn’t a tube sock. And to be clear, I have close to zero integrity.

So for me to call someone out for being a degenerate is like Snoop Dogg calling someone out for being a pothead. But, this time it’s needed. This dude decided to share a story about his sex doll on Facebook that runs the gamut of creepy, funny, suspenseful, and did I say creepy? Please grab some popcorn and follow along as this guy commits social suicide.

Some eCards

Ya man you should definitely take it as a compliment. Or a wake up call.

Some eCards

Right when you think this dude is the biggest degenerate on the planet, a man has the audacity to steal a used sex doll.

This story is about to get LIT.

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Can you handle the truth?

Some eCards

Apologies to all friends and “fans.”

[h/t Some eCards]

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