25 Strange Addictions That Are So Odd It’s Difficult To Believe Some Of Them Are Real

strange addictions


Addiction can not only be awful and destructive, in some cases they can be downright strange as hell. We’re not talking about the kind of addictions you hear about every day like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, porn, the internet (that one’s okay though as long as we’re included in your daily routine). We’re talking about weird things like eating dirt or over-tanning or yikes, receiving coffee enemas. Yes, people, you can can actually become addicted to something as odd as that.

Video games are also on the list, which isn’t all that shocking, but what about eating glass or drinking urine? Yep, people get addicted to doing those things too. And that’s just a handful of the strange addictions on this list. No wonder there was a popular TV show called My Strange Addiction that aired on TLC for 6 seasons. I wonder why it went off the air. Surely they didn’t run out of addictions to cover. Maybe there just weren’t enough people addicted to watching it and it got canceled. That would be kind of ironic, wouldn’t it?

Here are the rest of the strange addictions uncovered by list25. (Be forewarned: I haven’t even mentioned the weirdest ones yet.)

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